I loved documenting this wedding. Awesome couple, unique details, beautiful light, excellent live music; What more could a Bridgett ask for? Not a lot. (Maybe, ice cream...) But seriously, this was a great wedding, I just hope I did it justice.  

Their ceremony was at 3pm which, for a photographer, is like gold. It was windy and cold but, my goodness, the light was incredible. I mean, look at that sun flare:

They had so many great details, unique to them. They LOVE music and spent much of their courtship going to see concerts. It was only fitting that music played a big part of their wedding as well; they had guests sign a guitar. How cool is that!? 

Aren't their rings lovely?

They had several friends and family members play music during the reception. I heard a lot of great talent that night.

They danced to Ben Fold's The Luckiest, covered by their friends via piano/vocals and cello (I didn't catch their names). It was sweet.

Their reception was right next to the temple, so I was able to get a photo as the sun went down. It was such a pretty night. 

Such a great wedding. The whole day was a lot of fun. I'm so glad they asked me to be a part of their big day!