Heather and Matt are married! Their wedding was lovely. It took me approximately 60 seconds to start tearing up during the ceremony. Seriously, this is a sweet couple.

The festivities were also so fun! When they got engaged, I gave Heather the advice that I will give everyone who is getting married; Don't worry about traditions you don't like. And, more importantly, give the day your own personal touch. If a detail is meaningful to you and your fiance now, it will mean even more looking back a few decades. I can tell she took the advice to heart. From the broach Matt's mom gave her to put in the bouquet to her mother's veil and spunky shoes she wore, their day is one that cannot be replicated. That's my favorite kind of wedding.

Heather wore multiple pairs of shoes that day. Why not, right!? She wore the gold ones for the reception. They are my favorite. Aren't they so great? 

My cousin, Lisa, made the beautiful cake. Amazing.

They danced to Iron & Wine's cover of Such Great Heights. To everyone's surprise, it was remixed with Psy's Gangnam Style and the bride and groom invited all to come join in the fun. Did I mention that they are a fun couple?

It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding day!


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