I was pleased to be asked to do a photo session with the Behrman family. Brynn and Alan are going to have their 15th wedding anniversary next month and wanted to be sure to get some photos with their boys for the occasion. And, we held the session where they got married, too. Isn't that just perfect?

These boys are so fun.  

Did I mention this was a really fun session? 

I have a secret: I'm kind of short (5'4" to be exact). Okay so that's not really a secret but this kid, Ben, is 6 feet tall. Thirteen years old and six feet tall! Can you believe that?! Anyway, I had to ask him to squat so that I could take his photo. How embarrassing?

He sure is a sweetheart. 

Isn't Jack cute?

This family is so fun. I wish they lived closer.

Happy Fifteen Years! Here's to many, many more! 


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