I have been reflecting on last year and how my photography has changed since 2013 commenced. I feel that I've learned a lot and grown quite a bit as a photographer, I'm beginning to grasp what it means to be a business-person, and I met or exceeded all of the photography goals I set for myself for the year. 

I did not do this all on my own. I cannot help but be grateful to some of the wonderful people I worked with last year. I am honored by those who trusted me to capture some of the most important events in their lives. I am so grateful to my family and friends who have encouraged and supported me -particularly my husband. I feel so lucky to have had some remarkable and grateful clients who really put their faith in me.  In fact, one couple even took time on their wedding night to thank me and give me a FB shout-out. Really?! Really. I couldn't have asked for better clients than some of those I worked with. So, to all my awesome clients, followers, likers, family, and friends: THANK YOU.

I am also very excited for what 2014 has in store. I've got some changes I will be making and a few ideas up my sleeve about how to make this year just peachy. (More on that later.) For now, enjoy some sneak-peeks from a couple of the last sessions I did in 2013:

Thank you, again!