For years, I'd wanted to start a personal photo project. I could never think of an idea that either hadn't been done before or was exciting enough to get me started. I talked to my husband about doing some sort of project while I was pregnant with our second child that would be of the first days of her life. He thought about it and later came to me with the idea of documenting both of our girls as their first 100 days as sisters. I loved the idea! I'd wanted to avoid doing something for a full year of her life and 100 days seemed like the perfect amount of time. It involved our now older daughter -which anyone who has kids or is an older sibling knows becoming an older sibling can be a rough change, so it seemed like a great way to help her with the transition. And, it has always been important to us that our kids have a good relationship and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in the habit of encouraging them to spend quality time together.

I recently finished the project and wanted to share a few of my favorite images. My FB friends and IG followers have seen a few but I'm sharing some more of them now. 

The photo below was completely candid. I'd just finished that day's photo, but I saw big sister being so helpful that this image quickly won over the perfectly posed idea I came up with.

I'm so glad I did this project. It has been such a blessing to be able to look back at how much they have both grown in this short time. It hasn't always been easy to accomplish every day -some days have been nearly impossible to come away with a decent photograph without pulling my hair out. But, I've learned so much about my girls, relationships, and photography.

Side Note: If you want to improve your photography skills, do a photo project. Seriously. Heck, just photograph the same subject every day for a month or two trying to never repeat styles/poses/angles/etc. and you'll see improvement. (There, I just gave you your project, just pick your subject. No excuses.)

I love this one below. Poor little sis. I love being able to watch their interaction change over this short time. 

Big sister was teaching little sis her numbers in this one. 

Around this time, big sister was getting pretty tired of taking photos every day. I had to get camera settings and location ready before bringing her in, then I'd act fast to get what I wanted. Later, the photos just became simply a habit -it might be strange for her not having to do a photo every day. Today, she even asked me when we were going to do the 'sisters photo.'

Some days I wanted to capture something very specific. Once in a while I succeeded in getting exactly what I had in mind. Other days I just wanted to be more inconspicuous and just document their honest interaction.

The image on the right (if you are viewing this on a computer, {second image down if you are viewing this on a device}) wasn't what I intended. I took baby in to big sister's room in hopes of getting an image of her still napping, but as soon as I opened the window to get some better light, she woke up.  Then she wouldn't play along when I asked her to pretend to sleep. She's three...

Big sister did pretend to sleep a few days later.

For the first little while it was pretty difficult to be creative since my baby was a newborn and couldn't interact much and my three-year-old still can't hold her without support. I worried that 100 days wouldn't really be enough time to show much progress, but with how strong my baby was by the end, I don't think it ended up being a problem. Also, it may just be the Mom in me thinking this, but I feel like baby has been super alert from such an early age that it made her a little easier to work with.  I was kind of surprised by how few sleeping photos I ended up doing. 

Still among my favorites.

This one is from Father's Day.

My 3-year-old loves to help with baths.

I used a tripod for this one so I could get in on a couple photos. 

Lessons on proper high five techniques. 

Big sister loves to make what she calls 'snuggling spots', piling pillows and blankets for a comfy place to rest.

They are such sweet girls. 

Some days I would just give the girls some kind of toy and I'd just be ready to document what happened, like this:

I'm pretty sure they were watching the Lego Movie in the photo below.

I love bathtub photos.

I love photographing kids in white. 

I just love these girls.

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I want to thank my girls. They are both so loving and happy. They make me want to be a better person. I especially want to thank my 3-year-old. She was a good sport for putting up with these photos every day. And, as you could probably tell from the photos, she is turning out to be one excellent big sister. 

I also want to give a BIG thank you to my husband. Not only did he brainstorm with me and come up with the idea, he often worked behind the scenes to help the girls cooperate. Thank you and I love you!