I had the pleasure of doing another sisters session last week. It was a lot of fun meeting these girls. They sure are sweet. 

Please meet the Crofts Sisters:

I feel like we are both pretty different that we’ve never had to like compete much. But, I feel like we’ve always been best friends.
It’s been a lot of fun since like college especially, I’d say. She came out and I guess is was my senior year and her freshmen year. It’d be fun to have her come over for real dinners instead of just the freshmen stuff.”
“I’d treat you to the Cannon Center.”
“Yeah, that’s true. She would let me eat off of her student plan.”
“I was happy when she was looking for a job and she found one in Salt Lake instead of Washington D.C. because that meant we could do little fun stuff in Salt Lake and see each other more.”
“Yeah, she comes up a lot. I haven’t been as good about going down... I still love her though.
I remember once –I don’t know if you even remember this, but I remember [being] really really little, and you wanted to know if milk actually came out of people’s nose[s]–”
“Oh, yeah.”
“–when they laughed and you made me be the guinea pig. I think Mom stopped it before it actually happened but I remember you taking me up into the bathroom and being like; ‘Drink milk. I want to see if it comes out of your nose.’ But, I don’t know what the end result was.”
“I feel like you did get milk to come out of your nose.”
“That was my role as the younger sister –to be the guinea pig.

Thank you to the Crofts sisters!

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