I'm totally stoked to share some of the photos that I've done for my Sister Photo Project, so far.  It has been a pleasure to work with all the ladies. I'm excited to see what my upcoming sister sessions will bring. 

Without further adieu: 


The Tholen Sisters: 

Should we tell her about the time I punched you?”
“When was that?!


The Schmidt Sisters:

We used to always play games -late-night games. We had itchy-bomb wars.”
“Ooh, itchy-bombs...”
“—in our neighborhood, since there were so many kids, you could have itchy-bomb wars. So, you’d throw them down at each other.”
“—Or stuff them down each other’s pants or shirt.
They stole the car once.”
“I did steal the —Yes, we totally stole the car once. I bent down but somebody saw me driving. It was a Ford LTD station wagon.”
”How old were you?” -Me
”We moved out of that neighborhood when I was 13. So, I was definitely young.


The Baker Sisters:

What’s your favorite part about being the oldest sister?” -Me
“I like to babysit them and help them with their homework sometimes and play with the cat with them —especially when the cat attacks them.


The Hall Sisters:

What do you like about your sister?” -Her mom
“Well, she likes stuff that I like.”
“Like what?” -Me
“Like Pasta.”
“What do you like about having your sister?” -Her mom
“I like giving her candy.”
“You DO?! No you don’t.” -Her mom
“What else do you like to do with your sister?” -Me
“I like to play with her and teach her ballet.”
“What does your sister like to do?” -Me
“She likes to play in the –look what I can do!

She then proceeded to do a pretty sweet handstand. 

Thank you to everyone who has been willing to help me out with this. I've got more sister sessions coming up in the next few weeks. If you'd like in on this project, contact me and I can add you to my list!