Last month, my husband and I had the opportunity to go to London for his work.  Besides a 20-minute stop at a gift shop just over the boarder into Canada, this was my first time leaving the United States.  I was a little nervous about it but I loved it.  It was incredible.  Here are some photos from the first day of our trip:

Here are the Houses of Parliament:

Here is Westminster Abbey:

I LOVED seeing Westminster Abbey. It was definitely one of my favorite things we saw in London. In the top 5, for sure. We weren't able to take photos in the main part of the church, but I was able to take some in the walkways.

They had several famous people buried there under the floor building; lots of royalty, Lord Tennyson, Charles Dickens, Sir Isaac Newton, etc. (To see who all was buried or has a memorial there, you can visit THIS SITE.)

It was different than what I expected in that, those who were buried there were place right under the floor with the floor stone above them serving as the memorial with their name and dates of their birth and death.  I would try to walk around them when we first went in there but they were difficult to avoid in some areas.  

Sir Isaac Newton was buried under the floor with a memorial statue on the wall above there he was buried.  Rory spent some time looking at his memorial and floor stone and other people kept passing by looking at the statue, not realizing that he was actually buried under their feet.  One party that did that had a conversation that went something like; "Isaac Newton? Who's that guy?" "Oh, you know, he's the apple guy." So there you have it; Sir Isaac Newton: the apple guy.

My husband, Rory, shot this photo of me: (My hair was extra curly and skin was amazing there with all the humidity.)

Isn't he handsome?

I'll try to share more about our adventures in London soon.