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Dani + Patrick :: Formal Session

I've been on a bit of a hiatus because I've had my hands a little full with this little one: 

(I'm sure you'll see more of her later.) Let me get back to the reason for this post.

I did these wedding photos of Dani and Patrick a month and a half ago, but I didn't want to share them since it was before their wedding. But they are married now so I'm happy to share these photos with you! 

First, we did some 'first look' photos. Such a cute couple.

Aren't they the cutest?

I'm so glad they asked me to do their photos -even if i couldn't do the wedding day photos. 


PS -It will be a few more weeks before I'll be holding any sessions, but let me know if you'd like to book a future session. 

Dani + Patrick :: Engagement Session

I'm excited to share some engagement photos I did of a sweet couple. They are so sweet together. 

Aren't they the sweetest?!

This was a fun session. With them being so cute, they made my job easy.


Hailey + Matt :: Engagement Session

I had the chance to do my old friend's engagement session. It was so good to see her and meet her sweet fiance. I won't be able to document her wedding, but I'm so glad to have been able to do something for them.

Aren't they sweet?

Hailey's laugh is pretty adorable. 

Thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding preparations and best wishes!


Amber + Levi :: So Close

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to document a lovely snowy wedding. 

This is such a sweet couple.

We didn't have much time after the ceremony for portraits, so we headed over to the reception and did some photos before that started. 

Oh, my goodness. The light.

Aren't these flowers gorgeous?!

They had a hot chocolate bar with all the mix-ins. Mmm... So good.

Of all the in-door wedding receptions I've shot, this was probably the most well-lit. Nice work, Provo Library.

Amber and her father danced to Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'Adelweiss'. 

Levi and Amber had their first dance to 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin. 

During the bouquet-toss, the bride's bouquet ended up getting caught in the light fixture. It was pretty funny -you had to be there.

Levi wrapped the garter around a football and threw that. Genius! 

I love sparklers.

This was a fun wedding to do! Although it was cold and snowy the whole day, there was much fun to be had and I think we got a few nice photos. Thanks for asking me to be a part of your day, Amber and Levi!



I have been reflecting on last year and how my photography has changed since 2013 commenced. I feel that I've learned a lot and grown quite a bit as a photographer, I'm beginning to grasp what it means to be a business-person, and I met or exceeded all of the photography goals I set for myself for the year. 

I did not do this all on my own. I cannot help but be grateful to some of the wonderful people I worked with last year. I am honored by those who trusted me to capture some of the most important events in their lives. I am so grateful to my family and friends who have encouraged and supported me -particularly my husband. I feel so lucky to have had some remarkable and grateful clients who really put their faith in me.  In fact, one couple even took time on their wedding night to thank me and give me a FB shout-out. Really?! Really. I couldn't have asked for better clients than some of those I worked with. So, to all my awesome clients, followers, likers, family, and friends: THANK YOU.

I am also very excited for what 2014 has in store. I've got some changes I will be making and a few ideas up my sleeve about how to make this year just peachy. (More on that later.) For now, enjoy some sneak-peeks from a couple of the last sessions I did in 2013:

Thank you, again!